Does your IT slow you down?

we implement solutions to enable you to achieve more, better and quicker.

Do you use Excel for everything?

Are you reliant on spreadsheets for recording information about your clients?

Do you rely on master spreadsheets for invoicing and cash flow?

Do you have hundreds of spreadsheet with lots of different types of information?

It’s time to look at bespoke applications that do what you want and more

Not sure who has spoken to which clients?

It’s time for a client management system to bring all your emails, phone calls and customer records together in one place.

Working with remote teams? You all need to access and update client information from laptops, tablets and even phones on the go and in real time.

Capsule can provide an integrated solution for your team at a low monthly cost.

Can you access your files remotely?

If you can only access your files when connected to your local network it’s time to install a cloud based file sharing solution like Dropbox to ensure your team can get the documents they need on the go.

Dropbox is a simple to install system that allows you to access your files from multiple PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones.

Are you using Outlook Groups or Lists to send out mass emails?

It’s time to use automated software like MailChimp to hold all your lists in one place, email in one go and then track responses.

MailChimp handles your unsubscribe list and gives you the ability to embed email sign up forms on your website.


Are you manually booking events or courses?

Have you got spreadsheets with course dates and names against them? Is it always up to date or are colleagues asking if there is space on a course?

Eventbrite handles all your course bookings, ticket sales and more.

It can be integrated with Capsule to keep a record of who is attending courses and when.

Talk to us about integrating Eventbrite into your organisation.

Tim wrote a piece of software that has transformed the way I convert 1 million + points of data into meaningful information for my clients.
Tim understood the issue and has provided a creative solution that helps me get the insight to clients in a fraction of the time it was taking me previously. I don’t hesitate in recommending Tim’s services.

James Murry

Custom data application, Fairview Associates

Tim has been a critical partner in supporting my teams business set up. He has been reliable, manged to create a system perfect for the organization, is available to support the team with the implementation of the system! We couldn’t have wished for more when we decided to take a leap into a new CRM database


Melissa Powell

Parenting Manager, Get SET Get Parenting

Tim has been invaluable to Nock Deighton in helping project manage and produce a detailed specification for our proposed new website.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential client.



Michael Nettleton

Director, Nock Deighton Estate Agents

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