For those of you running your own Limited Company where you are the sole employee and are working for a single organisation then understand IR35 is very important as it has an impact on your tax.

HMRC have recently published guidelines for companies to assess whether their business falls into a High, medium or Low risk of investigation.

To download a full copy of the Guidelines click on the cover image to the right.

Advertising your Company

One of the entity tests laid down by HMRC is whether your businesses spends a certain level of capital annually advertising your company in order to attract work.

The annual sum is relatively small at £1,200 but that does get you a lot.

Have you considered creating an online presence for your limited company?

From a website to a professionally constructed LinkedIn profile that can be updated regularly I can offer services to advertise your business online to market your services to companies and individuals who are looking for certain skills and experience.

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