Most businesses, small and large alike will take time to consider any marketing campaign. For some reason people don’t see social media as marketing and don’t take the time to fully appreciate what they are doing.

1. Planning

Too many businesses launch into a new Facebook page or twitter account without really thinking “why am I doing this” and more importantly “what am I going to get out of this”

It’s really important to understand who you are trying to communicate with and what you are trying to tell them, ask them or get from them otherwise you’re social conversation is going to fall flat.

Think about you result, are you looking for feedback on a product? Promoting an event? Telling customers about a new service? Or just trying to appear human? 

There’s nothing wrong with being human but surely meeting people face to face is better for that?

2. Tools

Once you understand what you are trying to achieve the next bit is working out the best method of doing it.  If you want to reach a large new audience quickly Facebook advertising could be for you whereas if you are trying to demonstrate a new product why not get on YouTube and show everyone.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be on every social networking site there is.  Identify where your target audience is and “go fishing where the fish are swimming”

3. People

Small businesses are the ones making the most out of social media as it puts them on a level playing field with the big companies out there however the person running the social media campaign is often the wrong one.

Many businesses outsource their status updates to a marketing agency.  If they are running the whole campaign then that’s fine but all too often it’s a virtual assistant who is updating the Twitter account with meaningless drivel.

Make sure the person updating your accounts really know what they are trying to achieve, what tone of voice they should be using and how often they should be posting.

This does often preclude the business owner from updating their status as they are too busy, not an expert or haven’t thought it through or have been miss-sold social media training that is a blanket approach and not tailored for their business.

4. Investment

Social media isn’t free, no matter what people tell you!

Yes, the software to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc is free but time isn’t.  You need to pay someone to do all this clever marketing stuff for you, or, pay yourself as your time is valuable as well.

Without proper investment in using the technology it doesn’t work either.  The most effective way of reaching new customers is through Facebook, how? By spending money to advertise.  You don’t have to spend big bucks but you do need to invest to get a return.

5. Monitor and Evolve

Most businesses don’t see social media as an evolving beast, once you’ve achieved something via your campaign you need to learn from it and do something different.  By keeping up with the same approach your followers will soon get bored and won’t engage with you.

Measuring Return On Investment is critical, otherwise how do you know if you’ve done the right thing? Businesses need to measure the amount of time and money invested into campaigns and calculate the impact of them, you don’t have to break even or make a profit.  Just know your numbers and learn from them.

Are you not doing any of the above?

If not, you might need a helping hand to guide you in the right direction, none of this is rocket science but it does sometimes need a fresh pair of eyes to help you understand what you are looking at.

If you want that fresh pair of eyes please click here to drop me a line.