GSGPMK Don’s football club have a charitable Sports and Education trust that supports community projects, one of which is Get Set, Get Parenting, a team that works alongside other organisations to deliver 1-2-1 support and courses for families that struggle with any aspect of parenting. It could be budgeting, anger issues in children or learning to love siblings, the GSGP team cover a wide range of issues and deliver real benefit to those people who work with them.

As part of a wider project to improve their communications strategy it was identified that a central solution storing names and details of parents and referring agencies was needed alongside a process of booking people onto a course.

Working alongside the team I quickly realised that like many organisations they were using Excel to store details, lots of different spreadsheets that could only be accessed when connected to the local server.

The main issues with this were that most of the team spent most of their week in the field so the spreadsheets were never up to date and they didn’t quite work to capture everything that they needed.

The solution was to implement Capsule, a customer relationship management tool that is low cost (£8 per user per month) and easy to customise.

Over the period of a month we identified all the key information that was required for the system and customised it for the team. We also had the IT department install a nifty add on to Outlook and configured it so that all outbound emails were copied into Capsule. We then imported all the data into the database and started to use it.

As Capsule is cloud based the team could access it anywhere, including on their smartphone whilst out working with families. As Capsule records who creates a new entry it quickly became a valuable tool for managing workload and cases.

When a member of the team went off sick it was easy for Melissa, the teams manager, to see what her work load was and to reassign it to other members of the team. She could see which parent’s were ‘live’ and needed picking up and was able to see exactly the email conversations that had gone on along with notes and family details.

The term ‘CRM’ doesn’t mean a lot to most people but forget the technical term for the software and think about how connecting the dots and begin able to see how everyone in your organisation is communicating with clients and the software will quickly become an invaluable part of your tool box.

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