• Do you have lots of folders and sub-folders?
  • Do you have hundreds of people filed in your contacts?
  • Do you have a ‘system’ of putting urgent, to-do or action required emails into specific files?
  • Do you sometime have to decide ‘which folder?’ an email needs to go into as you want to file it in two place?
  • Do you copy your team, partner or associates into emails just so they ‘have it on file’, even when they don’t really need it?

It’s time to look at a better way of doing things.

At it’s most basic a Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM helps to bring all your communications together into one place. Outlook is great but it’s not a CRM.

One of the simplest installations we do is connecting Outlook to Capsule so that every outgoing email from you or anyone you set up is copied into Capsule. The web based Capsule CRM is set up with a clear hierarchy of Organisations and People, it’s a one to many relationship so when you  email a particular person that email is visible against that individual and the organisation. Straight away you get a history of all the communications with an organisation by all the people in your team. It’s powerful stuff.

There are basic contact details that you can record against any person or organisation but you can also add in custom fields. Need to add in birthdays? VAT numbers, GPS co-ordinates, service dates? The sky is your limit as to what you can add to tailor the set up exactly to your business.

Free text notes allow you to add in that you called a person and discussed X, if you’re off on holiday and your colleagues need to pick up with a certain contact they have a full record of all your communications and don’t need to bother you on the beach.

Not just for storing information

Using a centralised system will transfer the way remote teams work but it’s power is not just in storing information, it’s about mining that information and using in your communications strategy.

You could produce a report of all customers that you haven’t been in contact with for the last 3 months, export that data and voila you’re reengaging with your target audience.

Do you have a step by step process of performing certain tasks? You can create a ‘track’ with each step assigned to the correct member of your team so that you ensure the right process is followed every time.

Looking for a way of sharing actions with colleagues so that projects or tasks are all completed? Cases allow you to do that and are held at an organisation level so you always know where you are with key stakeholders.

Have you outgrown Outlook as a storage option? If you’d like to talk through how a web based system could work for your team please get in touch with Tim.