Go to the Cloud

“Cloud Computing” refers to using programmes and applications that are hosted or stored on the internet rather than on your computer.

Using Cloud technology has many benefits, especially to smaller businesses.

  • On-line storage and backup
  • Share files and folders without the need for expensive servers
  • Collaborate with clients and colleagues easily across the internet
  • Use the same programe across different devices such as laptop, mobile and tablet

How I add value

By working with you I can understand your business requirements and suggest ways in which you can work smarter, spend less or become more effective by using a whole of different applications.
I can then work with you to install new applications and train you to ensure you get the most out of them.

Top Cloud Apps

CapsuleCRM – effectively manage all your customer communications in one place.  Great reporting, flexibility and integration with other key apps
MailChimp – send out mass email campaigns to your clients
Dropbox – access your files anywhere, share folders with colleagues and send links instead of attachements
Google Apps – store your emails on-line, access your calendar from any device
Evernote – never forget anything again, organise notes and images to ensure your information is fully catalogued
Teamviewer – remotely control some’s PC, useful if you are trying to help them learn something
Skype – more than just voice and video chat, share your screen to show a presentation or exchange files

 To discuss how your business could work more effectively ‘on the cloud’ please give me a call on 01234 930421 or click here to email me